Wasabi cake

Is there anything better than hanging out with friends and eating good food?

Dress (Topshop) Belt (Topshop) Shrug (Hong Kong) Bag (Vivienne Westwood) Necklace (Miss Selfridge)Shoes (Carvela)

We had yummy chocolate fudge cake at Wagamamas. The dark chocolate sauce is meant to have Wasabi in it but the only thing that I could taste was the ginger in the icing of the cake.On a side note, I made a header for my friend Claire’s Blog, Slightly noodles which she is using until she unveils her newest creation. She recently arrived back from a year long teaching post in China and will be off to au pair in Milano in September! So her blog is definitely one to check back on as I’m sure she will be keeping it updated whenever she can. I love it when bloggers, blog from other countries so it’s very much a way of visiting these places, vicariously through their blogs, just like Selina who is off to study in Sweden (looking forward to her posts) and over at Picked Pics who is studying in Japan.

Anyway, I spent the day with Claire in London a month ago but here is one of my favourite photos of us two, taken about two years ago at our Universities Summer Soiree.
Those giant polo looking things are the counters for a giant connect four game!