Unable to resist…

I remember spotting this faux sleevless leather jacket in the ‘Divided’ H&M in Camden a few weeks ago and it has been haunting me ever since. As you are probably all well aware, I saw it in my monthly copy of Vivi and then on other bloggers who have been rocking them! Soooo yes…I gave in and I’m really glad I did!

Dress (HK), Lace Crop top (Topshop) Shoes (KG) Bow (Beyond Retro)Tee (Danny roberts @ Borders and Frontiers) Shoes (Topshop)Dress (Rare for Topshop) Sheer blouse and shoes (Topshop)

Oh I am so glad it’s the weekend. Time to chill out and forget about the stresses of the week! I will definitely be wearing this sleeveless leather jacket/vest (whatever you want to call it) this weekend! What is everyone doing this weekend?