Studding it up

In my last post, I said I was off to see a friend from work who was having leaving drinks at the pub. This is what I wore! I really like toughening up girly dresses and skirts with studs so out came my belt and clutch! I quite like the unexpected kimono looking sleeves when belted this way!

Cropped Tee (Youreyeslie) Skirt (Brick Lane market) Belt (River Island)Without even realising, my nails go perfectly with my skirt!Clutch (Zara, with added chain) Amber Ring (Random jewellery shop)Shoes (Topshop)

I feel super lazy today but at least it’s almost the weekend. A month to go before I start back at uni for my masters. I’m itching to start and get stuck in and cannot wait until the day when I get a real job rather than my part time retail job…A photo of some yummy sweet almond dessert that my mom made…good old Cantonese dessert! I need to learn a few tricks from her so I can perfect some Cantonese dishes too.

Oh and for those of you who asked about my nails…the trick is sellotape/masking tape etc (make sure it’s not too sticky) paint half your nail then peel it off before it dries then paint the other colour. A topcoat is essential!