Not just for kids!

I have a love for all things cute, kitsch and linked to the 80s… in fact my friend Sally commented that during my trip to London I looked more 80s than she had ever seen me. It made me chuckle. I think it was the lace and the leather vest.

I have always been a fan of the cute designs over at Swatch whose popularity really soared in the 80s and still remains part of popular culture today (with lots of collaborations in the past including the iconic Keith Haring and Vivienne Westwood ones) Too often have I gone into Selfridges in Birmingham and looked at the lovely watches on display only to realise that I really shouldn’t be on that floor in the first place as it means I would have been browsing the pretty make up counters (aren’t they like grown up candy shops?) testing perfume and lusting after Ray-Bans. Ahhhh.

OK, before I get lost in a shopping daydream, the point of this post is that I remembered I had blogged about Swatch and their kid’s watches a long, loooong time ago here (my blog was still a baby then) and now it appears that there are some pretty funky designs that aren’t just for kids!

Snuggle Bunch, Floating Away and Germaholic

The artist behind these designs is Matthew Langille. His designs are inspired by his upbeat and humorous view of modern society. His personality and style definitely shows in his swatches and are so much fun! Telling the time doesn’t have to be boring when you have one of these on your wrists. It would certainly bring a smile to anyones faces! My favourite of these three designs is the Snuggle bunch one, could you have guessed?
Onwards to more colourful things…here are the pretty colours on my nails this week! Remember when I said I was looking for a Lilac polish? Well I found one from GOSH which is way cheaper than Nails Inc!

Gosh (Wild Lilac) Barry M (Pure Turquoise)

Right…my mom is cooking Pork chops and fried rice. Smells delicious (I wish we had smell-o-vision) and then I’m off to bid farewell to one of my friends at work who is leaving and having having a bit of a celebration at the pub!