Milkshakes and Magazines

I have been resisting the temptation of the Topshop sale but after work…I went in and found this Reko for Topshop dress. I adore the milkshake print!

Tee (UO) Dress (Reko for Topshop) Belt (H&M) Hairband (Oasis) Shoes (KG)

My issue of Vivi magazine came today. Ayumi Hamasaki has the hugest eyes on the cover of the magazine.

Almost on every page they had featured some variation of a sleeveless leather jacket. I’ve seen them in H&M recently and now I want one even more, especially paired with a super girly lace dress. Damn the power of pretty magazines!

I am even more persuaded now that I’ve seen that the amazing Starr is wearing one in her latest post!