Le Toppy Shoppy…

I was super flattered when Arcadia invited me down to their HQ for a blogger press event to preview their AW ’09 collections. I still can’t believe that they wanted me there, it was a bit surreal and so strange having to introduce myself as ‘Winnie from Diamond Canopy’. Wierd, for someone who started this blog out of procrastination during the last few months of uni…

The event was so much fun and the whole set up was a bloggers dream.

They had an old school style photo booth which turned out to be like the wardrobe in Narnia, except waaaay better because it led to rails of clothes which included key pieces from the Arcadia brands (Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Evans to name a few) a photography area and plenty of accessories.

Fun shoes to play with…

Painted white props…

Once the outfits were chosen it was time to let the photographer snap you!

After a little detective work I found Miggy’s blog. She looked absolutely stunning in all her outfits. I also need that lace dress in my life.

I got to know the lovely Emily from My Fashion Life. We were both early to the event so we ended up browsing Urban Outfitters and H&M, of course.

This was a little daunting at first, especially when my photos are usually taken in the comfort of my own home…but we soon embraced it!

The photos were then transfered to a computer where you could either upload them straight onto your blog or take a complimentary USB port and take them all home! Of course, I chose the freebie option.

I look like I am enjoying whatever I am pretending to listen to. I couldn’t actually hear any of the directions from the photographer, the headphones muffled everything! I was also quite surprised that the dress and vest I chose were from Miss Selfridge. I should definitely pay more attention to that shop.

Emily and I had a joint photo together, she is so tall that even with heels I am STILL midget-sized.

Even sitting down she was still taller but I guess that the foreshortened look in this picture isn’t too great either. Damn my short legs.

Here is everyones favourite blogger, Susie getting in on the action.

Gemma and I discussed our wardrobes with Susie and I may just have to take Susie’s advice and roll up my entire wardrobe to avoid creases…

Aside from the trying on of lovely spangly new clothes, it was just amazing being in a room full of bloggers and knowing that they are all as enthusiastic about fashion as you are. It was fun meeting fellow bloggers including Michelle from Cheapskate Chic, Gemma from Gem Fatale, Alice from Reflection of Alice, Emily from My Fashion Life, Scarlett from Little Bambi Boots and of course Susie. So a big thank you to Arcadia for a great night!