Wait…no colour?!

I have been carrying around my sisters Snoopy thermos for the entire week. I’ve been ill but it was definitely NOT swine flu in case you all ask! Though having said that, the midland area of the UK has now become a hot spot for the virus. Oh Joys.

Thankfully after the doctor put me on a strong course of antibiotics I am pretty much all better and today I actually have an up to date outfit photo for you guys! I was experimenting with more neutral colours seeing as it’s a look I rarely attempt. So looky here, almost no black at all and there are definitely no leggings (which I know I seem to live in) It’s also way easier to wear neutrals than to go all black. I’ve come to the conclusion that wearing entirely black just doesn’t work for me. Oh and yes as you can see, I kept those shoes. They are super comfy.

Dress (Illustrated people) Sheer Blouse (Topshop) Belt (H&M) Necklace (Gift) Plimsolls (Topshop)

I attempted to make a cherry crumble today. I cheated with the custard but I need to work on the recipe. My family still cleared their bowls so it can’t have been all that bad… More cooking planned for the week with more cupcakes on the agenda at some point. I plan to make some Bento during the week! See Yvonne’s Blog for her version! It looks awesome! Ahhh can’t wait.