Searching for Lilac and Chocolate Oranges

Moving away from my neutral post to a post filled with candy coloured nails!

Today I found the perfect shade of lilac purple nail polish (ring finger) The colour was called ‘Brompton Road’ and by Nails Inc whose nail polishes are all named after streets and landmarks in London. Alas purple nails and me were not to be today as the colour was limited edition and sold out! Oh well, at least I have pretty coloured nails…er, on one hand.

Rings (Bow- Accessorize) Leaf (Topshop)

What colour are your nails at the moment?

What’s this I spy? Is that a Terry’s Chocolate Orange…
Unwrapped……and in Cupcake form!

As you can see, I was busy in the kitchen today, trialing some cupcakes I want to make for a friend. Chocolate Orange cupcakes with orange butter cream…and yes more chocolate grated on top!

Oh yes, my master plan to fatten up my friends is definitely well on it’s way…Haha.