Just Beachy…

Sometimes this blog isn’t so much about fashion but more of a ‘What I did today’ So…here is what I did today!

It’s the best thing ever when you have a rubbish shift at work and then find your best friends waiting for you. We went for a drink or two and some lunch at Walkabout (Aussie Bar) which overlooks the Canal.

We watched some tennis on the big screens and watched some canal boats drift by…My mom makes fun of my smile…but here I am doing my cheesy grin for the camera.Hannah with her Cider…

Her new vans which she insisted that they make an appearance on this blog!This made me smile. In Chamberlain square, they had a beach set up next to the (not very impressive) fountain. Lots of people were chilling out with their kids, chatting with their friends and just watching the tennis. Probably quite an amusing thing to see as I know a quite a few of you guys reading live near a REAL beach! (So Lucky!) Clearly being the landlocked city that Birmingham is, they decided to attempt to bring the ‘beach’ to us! It’s a nice idea…haha but doesn’t beat the real thing!

Click on it for a bigger image!