Is ‘froofing’ even a word?

Dress (Illustrated people) Waistcoat (H&M) Belt (Izzue, HK) Footless tights and Lace Leggings (Topshop)

OK, I know I have been cooking mad for the last few posts (all documented, so plenty more to come I’m afraid!) It’s just that cupcakes are super easy to make and what with plenty of friends birthdays and celebrations coming up, they are a fun and tasty gift! My friend Amy is moving from Birmingham to Milton Keynes and I baked these to take to her leaving party yesterday. I just topped them with normal icing with a little yellow food colouring and a couple of m&ms.

Also the lovely people at Umberto Giannini (posh hairdressers) in Selfridges cut my fringe for free which was not expected…seeing as if you’re not a regular they usually charge £5. They were super lovely and the salon was brimming full of creativity. When I walked in the stylist and his team was froofing, braiding and putting feathers in a Mohawk on one of those mannequin heads that they use for training. It looked amazing and it was apparently for a customer who was heading out for a festival at the weekend. I should have taken a picture but it’s definitely a hairdressers I’m considering booking with the next time I need a cut! I loved it.