It makes me laugh how many of my posts are food related, BUT hey, this is a girl that likes her food and wonders why she isn’t the size of a house (yet?) Anyway, I attempted to make Bento (Japanese boxed lunch) yesterday. It was inspired by this hilarious but very informative Youtube Video!

I substituted the pumpkin with Sweet potato and Becky (Youngest sister) made me some cucumber Maki rolls. I had some cherry tomatoes too but couldn’t fit them in the lunch box! Oh well, the Bento needs more work but it was yummy.

I’m slightly embarrassed about my attempt especially when the likes of plastiqgurl makes such amazing Bento. Also check out Just Bento for more fantastic photos of Bento boxes…which definitely show that it’s an artform in itself. I want to try and make Kyaraben (character bento) next time because they are more fun to look at! Have a look, How cute are these?!!!! Wow wow wow.

Tamagotchi…Hello Kitty

Just Bento

So, these are almost impossible for me to make but they are way too cute not to share!