Graduation Surprise

Me and a couple of my friends returned to uni for our friend Elin’s graduation as a surprise! Our favourite, eccentric art history tutor (who worships Michelangelo) let us hide in the seminar room, known as the ‘photograph room’ because it stores hundreds of old photos which are not used anymore since slides and PowerPoint presentations are far easier to use in lectures.

We all had to be very quiet!

I baked my cupcakes and one of the girls bought her the funniest chocolate ever, they were asparagus shaped filled with praline! Yup, that’s right! My dear old art history lecturer told Elin he had something to show her and led her into the photograph room, only for us to shout, SURPRISE! There were quite a few tears of joy from our lovely friend!It was such a great surprise for Elin (Centre, Red hair) as Claire (blonde hair just behind her) had only returned from her year long placement teaching in China the day before! Here is a lovely photo of us all together!

In case you were wondering…this is what I was wearing…

Blazer (Zara) Vest and Skirt (Oasis) Necklace (Bexylady)

Graduation was a real milestone for Elin as she suffers from a chronic illness which has meant that the average 3 year course at University has turned into a long, drawn out 10 years. However through all the obstacles that have been thrown in her path, she has truely, battled her way through and managed to finally graduate. Not just with any old degree mind, she was awarded the highest degree possible, a ‘first class’ Bachelor of Arts in History of Art. She is definitely a testament to the fact that if you want something bad enough then you WILL get it. I am so proud of her, she is such an amazing person who has been able to achieve something she thought was impossible. And you know what? She’s going back to study for her Masters degree! I am in complete awe!

I can’t wait to see her around campus next year as I have been officially accepted for my Masters (Msc) in Marketing too! Yay.