Do the Lion Dance

This outfit pic is quite an old one but I thought I might as well post it up! My arms look wierdly long…

Top (HK) Skirt (Bread and butter, HK) Tights (Topshop) Oxfords (Topshop) Chains (Vintage)

I tried to organise some bangles and bracelets on a little vase that once belonged to my grandad. He used to collect all manner of things, some of which were antiques and others were frankly bits of rubbish (which includes the likes of a giant prawn made from solid Jade, which funnily enough, is still in that cabinet as no one seems to want it) It was funny seeing what new things appeared in his display cabinet after his trips to China and Hong Kong and what, as kids what we could get away with playing with.

He used to have one of those lion costumes for the Chinese lion dances at New Year. My cousins (5 of us were similar ages) used to have so much fun with it, having goes at being the head , pulling the strings that make the mouth flap and trying to emulate the dance and generally being silly. We really loved it and I really do miss those summers spent at my grandparents as a kid 🙂