Shades, Music and Specs!

Blazer, Jeans (Topshop) Tee (Silence and Noise @UO) Shoes (Converse) Necklace (Topshop)

I think I’ve mentioned it before on this blog but I’ve had the blazer since I was about 17. I hope that some of the things I buy now, I still wear in another 5 years time!Me and my friend Hannah being a little silly trying on sunnies in Boots. Yes we’re in our 20’s and sometimes it seems like not much has changed since we were 13-14yr olds!

The fantabulous Pink Bow tagged me to list my personal playlist.

I listen to quite an eclectic selection of music and my favourites change all the time but these are some of my favourites…

1. Ayaka– Okaeri
2. Incubus- Dig
3.Laura Marling- New Romantic
4.Utada Hikaru- Flavour of Life
5. Stereo Total- L’amour a trois
6. Ladytron- International Dateline
7. Le Tigre- Cover of I’m So excited
8. Clor– Love & Pain
9. The Libertines- Don’t Look back into the Sun
10. Jeff Buckley- Last Goodbye
11. John McLaughlin- So Close

Oh and at the moment I am listening to The Fray on Spotify…

Did you know that I wear glasses? I usually wear them for computer/tv/movies which leads on nicely to an email I received from Jam. They contacted me and a bunch of other blogs about the Specsavers Spectacle wearer of the year awards which stylist, Gok Wan judges in October.

Do you guys have any questions that you have always wanted to ask Gok? (See Selina’s interview from last year) Chosen questions could mean a possible interview later in the year. While I am definitely not pinning my hopes up, I see no harm in having a good think of lots of possible questions for the lovely Gok!