Lazy Sunshine

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today. I have had the week off work which means I have been lazing about and enjoying the weather instead of being stuck indoors, stuck behind a till all day. Which is great!

Dress (MbyM) Belt (Topshop) Shoes (Carvela) Bow (Made from a broken hairband)I love the pretty crochet lace detail on this dress. It’s such a cheerful colour too!I went shopping with my mom today but didn’t return with anything. However I discovered that COS whose brand ethos is to bring, “design flair and quality of high fashion at ground level prices” is opening on August 25th at the Bullring (Birmingham’s shopping mall) which I am excited about! Especially as Susie only had good things to say about the first stores that opened in London.

When I am in Hong Kong, my parents love to frequent the department stores so I have spent many a time browsing the cosmetics that aren’t usually available in the UK. Such brands include Shiseido’s younger line called Macqulliage (which do the best lip glosses– non sticky and unperfumed), Anna Siu make up and the pricey, SKII. So I was intrigued to see that Japanese cosmetics, RMK has opened a counter in Selfridges. One of the things I like about Asian make up is that the focus is on the skin and colours are usually subtle peaches and pinks. However, I don’t wear much make up anymore so I will most likely be browsing rather than buying!

I’m going to hop on a train to London tomorrow with my sister to have a bit of a shop. It’s only 1hr 30mins away and It seems like an age since I’ve last been down! I don’t really plan on buying anything in particular and I’m just really looking forward to getting out of Birmingham for the day!