It’s the weekend!

Top (H&M) Necklace (Topshop) Skirt (Miss Selfridge) Cardi (H&M) Belt (Izzue, Hong Kong) Oxfords (Topshop)Hairband (Sheena Holland)

The hairband by Sheena Holland always gives me a headache but given it’s pretty-ness I still wear it anyway. I guess it’s like wearing the most amazing pair of shoes that have to come off as soon as you hit the dance floor because they kill! I bought the hairband when she still sold her wares at the Custard factory’s flea market She seems to have moved on to bigger and better things now selling much more elaborate and expensive hairbands to independent boutiques up and down the country. So I am glad I managed to procure this one and one other before she left her stall!

Work has been interesting for the last few days. The Bullring mall I work at part time, was closed for it’s second day as it is now declared a Crime scene due to chemicals found in the ventilation system, which has been making people ill. Bit scary as they think it was deliberately put there. This is obviously terrible for the bank holiday weekend for the huge loss of trade. I was still made to work though and they transferred me to House of Fraser where I spent four hours solidly finger spacing the rails of clothing because I couldn’t do anything else. Yawn.

Also Dujour magazine mentioned my cupcakes in a post! Yay. I plan on making some more this weekend!