Hello Kitty overload…


Just one of the reasons why I am itching to visit Japan so much. I don’t know what it is but all I know is that it involves Hello Kitty and the Hard Rock Cafe.

Last year when I went to Hong Kong to see family, my sisters and I played around with one of those Japanese photo booths.

Speaking of Hong Kong, my dad has just returned after visiting my grandparents…

(Me and Hailey outside the Harbour city Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui last summer)

I love the fact that he did indeed buy me some Japanese magazines. They are really heavy and probably contributed to the ‘heavy’ label stuck to the side of his suitcase.My youngest sister wanted a new bag for school and apparently my dad spent hours in the shopping malls in the Sanrio sections hunting for a suitable bag. Which is sooo sweet! Especially when the Sanrio sections are very pink and girly. It’s a cute bag!
He also bought a Hello Kitty phone which I am desperate to use but alas, it is for my little sister. I will definitely try to borrow it on occasion!He bought some really random Hello Kitty stuff for me and Hailey. A few plastic folders which will be useful and a Hello Kitty door hook. I don’t know where to stick it in my room but I think I will hang necklaces off it or something!
Finally, it wouldn’t be quite right if I didn’t end with a food shot! As always, he returned with a suitcase full of delectable treats. From our favourite Japanese white chocolate biscuits to traditional cakes.
Aji Ichiban is a snack food store and they sell some of my favourite sweets. These are a kind of marshmallowy/gelatiny sweet (I don’t know how to describe them!) with a filling. My favourites are the green ones which are filled with peanut butter. Yum!

Have a great weekend everyone!