Designer Collaboratives

High street stores are really getting into the action of collaborating with up and coming designers. With Topshop regularly unveiling collaborations which includes the current Barbara Hulanicki collection, we have H&M which manages to secure high end designer after designer. The latter has caused shoppers to queue up outside stores and for them to eagerly hand over their cash, forgetting about the recession (if only for a little while!) With the Mathew Williamson collection now fully stocked at most stores, what did you all think of it? I didn’t buy anything and can appreciate all the pretty prints but at the end of the day nothing called out to me.

UK High street store, Oasis have just unveiled their ‘designer collaborative’ collection which is something that will be launched each season and aims to support new talent. The following are collaborations with print graduates and have hit shops today but will be available online from the 18th. While it seems that Oasis is trying to up their game, just from the blogosphere alone it seems that not too many know about this collection which was the same for last years RCA collaboration. This strikes me as a shame and something that Sir Philip Green would not have let pass by if it were for Topshop instead.


Firstly is Hannah Reid’s feather print kimono shift dress. At £95 it has had a huge waiting list in some London stores. It is gathered and draped in a way that makes it the most unique dress in the collection. The one on the bottom right is by Reid too and is a playsuit using a similar, vibrant pattern.

Next is Sarah Bird’s dress (£90) which is represented by the yellow flower print dress. She incorporates her love of cross stitch and actually adds yellow stitching to parts of the design. This touch sets apart from the rest of the dresses as it adds that personal, hand stitched appeal.

Lastly is my favourite print by Clare Caudwell. It is a digitally produced image of a white rose and is printed on a shift dress and a maxi dress. The maxi dress (£130) is really really long but on the right person it would be so beautiful on. I definitely feel that the shift dress of the same design will be the one which sells out first. It’s more wearable and at £90 is actually the cheapest one of the lot!

All of the dresses are silk and are a little pricey. I wasn’t particularly impressed with them either, especially because silk is one of those awkward materials to wash. Though if you do fancy one of these for yourself be sure to hurry. The stores did not get many in stock! At my store, only 8 of the Hannah Reid playsuit were sent out and within the first hour, 4 maxi dresses were sold to buyers on the phone!

Right…now on to an outfit post which is poor quality because of the pouring rain outside! I’m debating whether to keep this Zara Blazer or not. It’s fitted, and like a tuxedo jacket because it is so long, hmm decisions decisions! I think it’s a keeper…
Blazer (Zara) Bow (accessorize) Skirt/Dress (AA) patterned Dress worn as Top (Miss Selfridge), Belt (Vintage) Leggings and Oxfords (Topshop)