Another gorgeous weekend.

These photos were from Friday. I went to my best friend Chrissy’s for a BBQ and it was so lovely because a whole bunch of us made it. We sat around and with mojitos, lots of food and all had a laugh, just catching up. This is what I love about Summer.

Cardi (Oasis) Dress (Topshop) Belt (Vintage) Shoes (KG)I hope these shoes stop rubbing. I bought them in the sale at KG but the stud on the left right shoe rubs my toe which sucks. I will have to try and figure something out because the shoes are so cute!It’s a man thing isn’t it? Guys have to be in charge of the BBQ.I love Rachel’s leopard print tights. I need to get me some. She is one busy bee as she is off to Seoul for her study trip in a mere few weeks!

I was given this fab award from Ellie Thank you! I thought I would do the tag too.

Three Things I can’t stand

1. People who insist on wearing shades indoors. Not being able to make eye contact makes me a little uneasy.

2. When it’s sunny like it has been and I don’t live anywhere near the sea. Torture.

3. When people ask about my Art History degree and whether I just looked at pretty pictures all day and studied paint brushes. No, History of Art is definitely NOT an easy subject.

Three Random Things

1. Whats on your bedside table? – Alarm clock, hair band and my leopard print lamp.

2. Last thing I bought – A bottle of water!

3. Guilty Pleasure – I have to admit that when N*Sync kick in on my Ipod, it makes me smile. Come on, we all love a little bit of cheese. What’s yours?

4. If you could only shop online from one retailer, which one would it be? If it is all paid for then it would be Net-a-porter. Too expensive for me to even bother browsing usually.