Who says you have to be a child to eat Chocolate Lollys?

I bought some of these for my dad to take to Hong Kong recently and after work, I had a sudden urge to bite into one of these chocolate lollys from Hotel Chocolat. These ‘frowny licks’ look sad because my sister and I are about to gobble them up greedily. Though, I think they look more angry than frowny. Nonetheless, they are yummy! You can just about read the crappy joke attatched, ‘What do you call a fish without eyes?’

The answer was ‘Fsh’ if you’re interested (It was shockingly bad I know).

Scuse the rubbishy appearance. I just arrived home and slung on my Evergreen AA sweater. It’s weird, all my AA sweaters have a slightly different fit, this one is the slouchiest one of the lot! Anyway, comfort is key after a day standing around and telling customers that it is store policy for them NOT to try on the tights which is obviously for hygiene reasons. I spoke to the customer for like 2o minutes about it and I’m glad that she left a happy customer (with new tights in tow to boot). Sometimes I don’t know where I find my patience!

Oh no I hear thunder….I think the heavens are about to open! See, sunny days in England don’t last long at all.