Pizza Time.

Dress (HK), Cardi (HK) Jeggings (Silence+Noise), Scarf (Vivienne Westwood) Necklaces (DIY H&M chain and ring, and Gift)

Detail of the cardigan. Usually I dislike diamantes on clothes because it can be a little tacky but this is an exception.

I have this super long H&M chain that I like to layer up with other necklaces but I found a new use for it the other day. I attached a chunky ring (also H&M) and voila, a brand new necklace! Plus it looks nice with one of my favourite necklaces bought by one of my best friends, Hannah (hello if you’re reading!)

I went to catch the bus to meet my friends for food and a film.

I was there a little early and went to WINDOW SHOP in this danger zone. I think maybe you can understand why I’m on a shopping ban now. My local Topshop is quite a big store. You New Yorkers will understand soon enough when Topshop opens later today on Broadway and Broome!

I tried on this and loved it.

I also really liked this too.

But ultimately decided that it was NOT worth breaking my ban for. Plus the sequin blazer comes in at a pricy £75 which is not so nice! I still have another 4 weeks to go…so far so good!

I finally met my friends for yummy pizza, lots of chargrilled vegetables and torn chicken…

Finished off with a film which I wasn’t overly keen on seeing….but turned out to be pretty fantastic. I really did enjoy it and would recommend this film! It made me wish I grew up in the sixties!