Pass me a biscuit…


So if you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I am rather fond of all things cake shaped…but in this case, Biscuit shaped. I love a bit of kitsch and find all the cake trinket boxes and strawberry shaped plates in Urban Outfitters hard to resist. Luckily, everything is so damn pricey in there!

These little ceramic trinket boxes are replicas of some classic family biscuits. Robert Archard is the designer who created these fun boxes which would be great to hold earrings or special little things that can be kept in these boxes disguised as the UK’s favourite family biscuits. My favourite are the Bourbon Creams (the chocolate one) which I used to love as a child. They are kind of like Oreo cookies, except not as soft and chocolate filled instead.

The Beyond the Valley online store state that these are designed to hold a single biscuit of the according design this however, is sadly not the case. In person these trinket boxes are a tad too small and are rather, the same dimensions as the actual biscuit. It is definitely a nice idea and how they are photographed on a little plate, is exactly how I envision them if I were to own a couple of these, each filled with a tiny little treasure or two. These kind of satisfy my love for kitsch and food….