Partying it up.

This is what I got up to last Saturday….

Cardi (H&M) Top (UO) Skirt (Topshop) Belt (Vintage) Necklace (Miss Selfridge) Bag and Oxfords (Topshop)

I went round to my best friend Chrissy’s house and had a go on her trampoline. I was on my bum the entire time…but with my friend Katie jumping up and down like a lunatic, it certainly didn’t help…

Pretend Pimms from Aldi!Pizza and more drinks at my friend, Rachel’s flat. The studded Tripp bag belongs to Chrissy.Me and Rachel. I always feel extra short next to her…Rachel’s Outfit

Skirt (Tube Top from UO), Halterneck (H&M) Belt (RiverIsland) Shoes (Irregular choice) Necklaces (River Island and Beadasaurus)

Rachel was lucky enough to be picked for a Korea study Exchange and leaves for 6 weeks in June. So excited for her. So many of my friends are off in different parts of the world at the moment. From my friend Claire, currently in China and soon off to au pair in Milan to Caitlin who is in Sydney and interning for Harpers Bazaar! Lucky people! I need to get me some travelling action.