Off to the Pub…

A casual outfit to see some friends at the pub. I always feel more dressed up when I’m in a dress or a skirt so this was definitely a dressed down day when I chose to wear these jeans. I wore my hoody which was my favourite companion during flights to NY and HK last year. I wish I was going on holiday this year. It doesn’t help matters when my dad has jetted off to HK for a few weeks to see my grandparents and aunts!

Hoody (Once Upon a Time for Topshop) Bow (Accessorize) Bangle (HK)

The only things in my dad’s luggage seemed to be chocolates from Hotel Chocolat and various biscuits that are not avaliable in Hong Kong, which were requests from my family in HK. I’m not sure if this is allowed anymore but once my dad even bubble wrapped a bunch of apples which was super random. We all joke that he should become a proffessional courier because the apples arrived unbruised and more recently, the chocolates remained intact!

I’ve asked him to bring me back some Japanese magazines but I am beginning to wonder if he will be a little lost in the bookstore among all the girly fashion magazines!

Tee (The Mountain @ Asos) Cardi (UO) Jeans (Topshop) Shoes (Topshop)Bag (Vivienne Westwood)

I only have one more week of my shopping ban left. April was a long month and I did break it , once when I got that lion tee (still, totally worth it) It’s only been a month but it’s definitely been a great experiment and one that has definitely helped me get some perspective on shopping. It has made me realise how many of the things I bought were just frivolous buys!

Right I’m off to watch some brainless TV…ANTM? Gossip Girl?