Monkey Business

My sister is off for a shop in London town today and It reminded me of these photos I snapped a while ago. I like how this bit of graffiti found on Brick Lane is completed with the help of the locals. I’ve no idea if this is a Banksy or a copycat.

**After a little bit of googling I found out it’s by a French graffiti artist who goes by the name Jef Aerosol!

I just wish I snapped a photo of a guy who was browsing some yummy Thai food. I did wonder why people were giving him so much space and walking around him carefully. The reason? He had a unique take on a backpack, an antique birdcage with rope attached as the straps.

I remember vividly that inside this genius idea was a single, shrink wrapped lettuce! Haha, it makes me smile just thinking about it…