Just Right.

I met my friend, Hannah for some food at Wagamamas (fusion Noodle restaurant) and I had a yummy Yasai Katsu Curry. Afterwards, we decided to wonder around the local town centre.

We ended up walking through the church which dates back to medieval times, marvelling at the beautiful Celtic tombstones.The bell ringers were hard at work and we noticed a door that had been left open. Hannah was very curious.I found a door that seemed to be the perfect height for me. I love how this door makes me look average height, I’m really not as I am about 5ft. It was like Goldilocks discovering her bowl of porridge that was ‘just right’. Hannah said very seriously that they were that small because people were a lot shorter hundreds of years ago. I suppose I might even have been considered tall then!Skirt (Good One) Boots (Blowfish) Denim Moto jacket (Pepe Jeans) Bag (Marc B)We ended up at the park reminiscing about the old times we used to walk through the park to reach our sixth form college. However, we had to make a quick get away because it began to pour down with rain!This book arrived for me today, I love receiving nice new books in the post and even better if they are free! The book is YiYun Li’s, ‘The Vagrants’. I’m quite excited to start reading it because she has had such good reviews for her award winning collection of short stories, ‘A thousand years of good prayers’. However I already anticipate this first novel to be rather bleak seeing as it is based on true events in 1979 surrounding Communist China. What books are you all currently reading?