Fun Prints

The weather has been strange. One day there is a terrible thunderstorm and then the next minute it is lovely and sunny. Still at least when it’s rainy I can use my umbrella. It’s actually lasted me for a good two years…which goes to show that Accessorize umbrella’s aren’t just pretty, they can last too!

One of my favourite shops to look for gifts is located down one of the Victorian Arcades in the city, Piccadilly Arcade. The Arcade itself is really lovely with a painted ceiling. Unfortunately apart from an antique jewellers and my favourite, Smithsonia (which sells gifts and jewellery) the other shops keep closing and reopening. A fairy themed shop now sells urban street wear.

Over the weekend I went to a little Japanese restaurant called Mount Fuji. The staff are super friendly and even better, it is a genuine Japanese restaurant rather than the less authentic Yo! Sushi chains. The staff are so friendly and when we left the restaurant, almost all of the staff shouted goodbye and thank you, which is always super nice! I had my favourite, yummy Chicken Karaage Bento.

After, I stopped in River Island and tried this dress on. I had to pull the dress up and belt it because it was so long. I love the print and the 50s vibe. I told myself I was on a shopping ban and it stayed in the shop. It’s pretty but I can live without it.

Becky my youngest sister, was lucky enough to score these boots from New Look. They are similar to a pair that TopShop did in the Winter but were a huge £60. For those with small feet, I’d advise you to shop in the teen section of New Look. In the normal shoe section, these STILL sold for £30 but in the kids section, these were only £15 but had reduced in the sale to a bargainous £5!! I still can’t get over it. Luckily we share the same shoe size so I can borrow these!

We ended our day out with some yummy Baklava from one of the stalls in the shopping centre. So much honey but so good once in a while!