Food and Shoes!

Bit of a food review today! I went to an all you can eat buffet at The Mailbox in Birmingham for only £10 a head at Shogun Teppanyaki. It is a little further out from the centre of town but only about a 10 minute walk.The food was lovely and like my favourite Japanese restaurant in town (Mount Fuji) it was authentic. Fresh hand rolled sushi is so much nicer than the machine packed Sushi found at the likes of Yo! Sushi (don’t get me wrong, I still love that place). However there was little choice and even though it was yummy, the service wasn’t that good. I was quite put off by a guy who appeared to be the floor manager. Upon returning with my mum’s refilled green tea, I asked if I could have mine refilled too. He answered with an unsmiling face, “Why did you not tell me?” and looked quite annoyed. It would have been fine if he had said it with a smile but it came across as unfriendly and lazy. It’s a shame because the food was really good but that one small remark really tainted my visit and I doubt we would venture out there for Sushi again. Perhaps their other restaurant in town (Brindley Place) will prove to be a better experience as I really want to try the teppanyaki that they offer too.

After, we went for a browse around the shops and both my sisters came home with new shoes. Becky scored some silver flats from Topshop for £10 and Hailey bought some killer heels which my mom disapproved of…believing she would break her ankle in them. Here they are, I think they are quite gorgeous and the platform means that they aren’t nearly as high as they look.

I really liked these too and I am hoping that these will eventually come in black rather than the orange.
Apart from Becky (far right) these are a bunch of my cousins who randomly all showed up at the same time at our house. The house was suddenly full of screaming kids, all competing to be the loudest. I’m quite surprised I managed to get them to all sit still.
My youngest cousin, Harry is completely adorable. Awww.

Becky and me! She’s 11yrs old and soon she’ll be taller than me. I will have to take to wearing heels permanently soon.

Becky; Cardi (HK) Hello Kitty Tee (HK) Skirt (Adams) Shoes (Topshop) Bow (Brick Lane)
Winnie; Tee (H&M) Skirt (UO) Cardi (Topshop) Shoes (KG)

Hailey couldn’t help herself and bought a dress for her law ball a few days ago. Normally I am not keen on Lipsy dresses but this one is really cute and I like the origami pleated detail. Plus teamed with her new heels. It’s a perfect combo!
Dress (Lipsy) Shoes (Topshop)

Wow this was a mammoth post. I’m off to catch up on my crazy google reader which has far too posts I have to read. Hope you all had a great weekend!