Crazy Cupcakes

Bit of a random post today. I didn’t get up to much on Saturday so no interesting outfit posts…just a photo of me about to leave for the supermarket to grab some ingredients to make some cupcakes! At least I look happy!

Scarf (gift) Coat (UO) Jeggings (Silence and Noise) Boots (Red or Dead)

I took some photos of some bright coloured flowers on my way…

When I returned, I succumbed to some tasty Cheese twists. I happened to watch a weird Chinese version of Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing with the stars. The dances were all themed with lots of props, my favourite was the hilarious mission impossible themed one with red ribbon as the ‘laser beams’ guarding a diamond necklace. Also, one of the contestants got to wear a bright pink wig which was a bit bizarre. I’m not actually a huge fan of the original shows but when I was at Uni, my housemates used to watch them religiously.Using some Easter chocolate and cake decorations I made Chocolate cupcakes with pastel coloured buttercream icing!Oh the anticipation….

My youngest sister and I got pretty crazy decorating the cupcakes. I think sometimes less is more, but nothing could stop us piling on the sprinkles, icing flowers and pink icing balls.

They looked so good I didn’t want to eat them…but of course I did! The ‘ball bearings’ may look pretty but they’re a bitch to eat. Luckily no chipped teeth!