A couple of favourites.

Today was another gorgeous day. No rain means my favourite, comfiest suede heels came out to play. Dress (French Connection), Cardi (Upper 5th) Bag (Vivienne Westwood) Shoes (Topshop)I use this bag all the time when I go out with my friends on the evenings. It’s another firm favourite. The strap is detachable. I never meant to fall into the stereotype of Chinese girls who love Vivienne Westwood. It’s hard to avoid when she is so much cheaper to buy in Hong Kong. They have amazing summer sales where bags and accessories can go down to 70%.(which is the only time I can afford them) This was a gift from my grandma from about 4 years ago. I’m quite jealous of my dad who is going to Hong Kong for 10 days soon.I felt very silly today. I thought I was meeting friend’s for drinks but it turns out it was rescheduled for tomorrow night. Silly Winnie.

I took this photo before I hopped back on the bus home again. The photo is from Birmingham High street, Corporation Street and you can see that Urban Outfitters occupies the second floor. I walk past these buildings on a daily basis and I’ve never looked up and noticed that gilded clock before. It’s hardly Big Ben but It surprised me that I had never spotted it before.I also spotted this in a newsletter for the contemporary art gallery in Birmingham that is, The Ikon Gallery. I wonder if this would help my shopping ban at all? I don’t know if I will go but I am quite curious. Check out the Rev’s website!