Bum Accentuating.

Green cardi (HK), Sweater (AA), Skirt (Good One) Tights (Topshop) Necklaces (DIY)

Seems a bit strange to take a photo of my behind, but needs must! The skirt is from label Good One which sells a few pieces in The Laden Showroom. I recall a post where Susie had a bum skirt too. The label uses recycled fabrics so I’m sure my skirt came from random old jumpers which add to it’s charm…especially as the heart shaped rear is a different texture to the rest of the skirt.

Sunday was a super lazy day and we had some dumplings dipped in rice vinegar.

I watched my favourite Disney film with my little sister. I actually love Ursula’s character.My cousins Aaron and Ethan came round to play. They love the camera!

Aaron wanted to show us he could write his name. Bless him, he’s only 3 and almost wrote it correctly.I watched a couple episodes of Flight of the Conchords, So funny!Over and out!