What Winnie did today…

I’ve got the next couple of days off work and today I was busy running around town and ticking off a bunch of things on my ever growing to-do list which began with getting my fringe trimmed (so much upkeep!)

Dress worn as a top (MbyM), Skirt (AA) Teal Cardi (Topshop) Belt (New Look) Chunky Cardi (Grandma’s)

I decided to stop off in town and went to the Fancy Silk Store in the centre of town. It really is a bit of a mecca. I picked up some material (even though I am on a shopping ban but buying from loose change doesn’t count…and techincally it’s not clothes!) I was so tempted to buy some pvc leather material but I have no idea what I would do with it…

I bought the top material today from the store but I’ve had the purple and blue batik one for a while now. I think I am going to make some skirts out of these. Seeing as my sewing skills don’t really stretch very far.Lastly my mom made Won ton noodle soup. I eat mine with lots of chilli for an extra spicy kick!

I’m glad you all enjoyed that last post on Chalayan. I’m glad I documented it all for you now. I am way behind on commenting you all back but will get onto it!

Have a great weekend everyone!