Shopping excuses

These bags are all empties…I promise!
Dress(tfnc) Cardi (Oasis) Belt (Gift) Scarf (H&M), JerseyCoat (UO)

I was reading this article this morning which looks at how women shop far more and spend more money on impulse buys during the later stages of their menstrual cycle. So as the article says, at least we (or rather, female readers) can blame some silly purchases on our hormones. I can appreciate the article but it really doesn’t come as any surprise does it? To me though, it just seems like an easy excuse for female shoppers.

Though of course there are plenty of other reasons why people end up impulse buying. We’ve all done it, a bit of good news provides a sufficient reason as to why a more expensive price tag suddenly becomes OK. Isn’t it funny how some excuses that you can provide can prove meaningless only a few minutes later. For example allowing yourself to buy a dress that might be worth two tops with the premise that you would not buy the tops. Only for that idea to backfire later on!

I’ve not been on my shopping ban long but for me, shopping is more of a bad habit and used to buying myself the regular new purchase. I’m by no means a shopaholic but it comes down to the fact that I work part time in a busy shopping centre and avoiding the big Topshop after work is no mean feat. I’m breaking the habit and keeping my cards at home with the hope that by the end of this ban (until at least May) I will be a smarter shopper, save lots of money and be able to buy something much more worthwhile rather than spending it on bits that I will easily forget about. Still, it doesn’t help when I am reading hundreds of stylish bloggers with great style everyday and I know that we all dream of having wardrobes like Paula Abdul…

If only…

Referring back to that BBC article, if you find yourself buying things for,”adornment, including jewellery, make-up and high heels” then you might have a sneaky feeling as to what’s up.

…..but it may not explain why you’re still clicking on topshop’s website everyday.