Skirt, Pink Tights, Lace tights (Topshop) Shoes (KG)

I experimented with my new favourite leggings today pairing them up with some fun bright tights. Even my mom commented that they must keep me warm! They really do, plus the weather is super rainy and windy today. The worst combination when you’re out and about with nothing but an umbrella which I fear may not last another bashing from the wind. Anyway, I have an online shopping list that probably won’t be fulfilled any time soon….

I want this.
Unfortunately after VAT and shipping, the price mounts up a bit and I can’t afford to part with the cash just yet…but I am biding my time.

I wouldn’t mind this either…

Has anyone seen the Shopaholic movie? I’ve read the books which are fun holiday reads. (yes, brainless but addictive chick lit) I’ve heard that it’s not that great but I still want to see it soon! Though I do think that the wardrobe chosen for Isla Fisher’s character, Rebecca Bloomwood is a little too eccentric for the character, but hey, it’s only based on the books. Still, pass me the popcorn and I’ll be happy.