Eye Opening

Shirt (Topshop), Skirt (AA), Belt (Vintage- childs belt I think!), Tights (Topshop), Shoes (Carvela) Pearls (Gift from Aunt)

I had to go to a security meeting at work the other day and I was shocked and surprised at how crafty shoplifters can be. We watched videos of professional shoplifters where they would completely empty a rail of clothes into their bags or into large hidden pockets in their jackets. Maybe I was naive to think that it would always be lone women who would steal, as the videos showed that husband-wife duos are all too common! It did make me think that everyone was a potential shoplifter the next day though, eager for some kind of crime watch scenario. I think I would be a great security guard, no one sees me over the tops of the clothes rails…see my mom was right when she said sometimes being short wasn’t all that bad!

It was strange seeing all the people at work in their own clothes. I guess it must be like that for everyone when they see their colleagues in a pair of jeans or a slouchy jumper.

I went on an Installation trail today (video installations took over several shop windows in Birmingham including Urban Outfitters) in the lead up to the Flatpack festival which is essentially a mini festival across the city for cinema, animation, street art and the like. I hope to pop along to a few events and check them out when it starts next week! The trail was interesting because they took place in shop windows and so was essentially a type of street art. There was quite a crowd that gathered for the trail and we all listened intently to the man with the pink umbrella who was our guide. Shoppers walked past looking a bit bewildered at the crowd of people watching the black and white images displayed on tv screens in the windows. I wonder just how many shoppers actually stop and watch these video installations?