Evolving outfits.

Shirt (Topshop) Cardigan (UO) Belt (Izzue, HK), Jeans (Silence and Noise at UO) Crochet Scarf (HK), Bag (Marc B)

I started off wearing leggings with this outfit but I eventually decided to wear jeans and ended up wearing some green striped converse all stars. I also ended up ditching the belt as soon as I stepped outdoors as it was all covered up by my scarf anyway…so the final outfit wasn’t complete until I stepped out the door. I’m sure we’re all the same and more than once, I’ve turned back and decided to wear a different jacket!

I went to down to London again this weekend to see my amazing friend, which was just what I needed after the news at the beginning of the week. We crammed in so much from dancing to exhibitions to shopping…I will have to post about it later in the week!

Thank you all for your comments on that last post…you are all so so lovely.