Cake Fans Unite!

I think you all realise my love of food and fashion on this blog! I have a strong weakness for anything cakey and this editorial always comes to mind and makes me smile. It’s from the June ’08 issue of UK Vogue and it’s nice to know that Tim Walker is a fan of cakey goodness too!

If I woke up to this scene everyday I would be a fatty…but a happy fatty! I love the precariously placed cake at the top of the bed canopy. This must have been a fun photo to take, can you imagine all the assistants placing the cakes around Tim Walker as he directs from the bed?

I went to see ‘The Young Victoria’ today at the cinema. The romantic, period drama was good with the fantastic Emily Blunt portraying Queen Victoria and Rupert Friend as Albert. The costume and settings were amazing but the film was a little short and actually, there was very little drama in it. After all, there wasn’t too much to elaborate on the relationship between Victoria and Albert. If you watch BBC dramas then you’ll like this but don’t expect any real drama.

Even though the film was based on the young Victoria, I’ve always remembered when I was told in school how she hated black funerals and that her wish upon her death, was for London to be decorated in purple and white instead. It’s strange when you realise she ruled 108 years ago. Somehow it doesn’t seem that long ago, but it’s a world away from what life is like now as well as the diminished power that the monachy holds now.