Anecdotes and plenty of fruit.

T-shirt (gift-River Island) Skirt (UO) Lace Leggings and grey Footless tights (Topshop) Belt (River Island), Cardigan (Topshop) Rose Hairclip (Accessorize)

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather over the last few days so I’ve been a bit slow posting comments. Glad you all enjoyed the last post, I should dig out a few more photos from when I was little. They always make me smile and reminisce the days when I thought that the Barbie aisle in Toys ‘R’ Us was the best thing ever or making a fort with my sister in my bedroom with lots of duvets, blankets and a torch as a make-believe camp fire. Or even the time when my sister stuck a paper kite to her head with tape and she decided not to peel it off but cut it out of her fringe. Let’s just say everyone remembers how she had a gap in her fringe for a longest time. I don’t think she remembers it was me who passed her the tape and how that particular game was my idea. Ooops!

Now, It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share with you all yet ANOTHER birthday cake! It was my Dad’s 49th birthday and this cake was yummy too! Lots of fruit on top and filled inside too. Yum Yum!