Snobs and Silk are a no no.

Blouse (Topshop Dress), Skirt, Leggings (Topshop), Cardigan (Oasis)

I’ve had the dress (worn as a blouse here) for ages, it’s a really cute pussy bow silk dress. I made the mistake of wearing this for it’s first outing to a club. Brummies will know Snobs nightclub really well and everyone knows NEVER to wear anything really nice to that club because it is always so full and drink spillage is always an imminent danger. I made the mistake of greeting my best friend with a huge hug and I was completely blind to the full pint she was holding. Yes, it went all over my dress. Luckily it survived but did I spend a fair amount of time worrying about it!

FYI. The background is of my wardrobe which is covered with a huge collage that is constantly being added to. I love the Libertines (which of course explains the poster) and below that is one of a few pieces of art I made during my A Levels, which seems like such a long time ago now! I remember being filmed for my sixth form and I had to talk about my work and I wore a striped purple cardigan and a spotty green skirt and looking back, I must have been a walking, talking version of my artworks. Haha. My art tutor commented that it was easy to spot who the work belonged to because as you have probably all noticed, I love nothing more than wearing bright, blocked colours.