The Sister’s birthday….

It’s my sister’s 20th birthday today and she arrived home from Liverpool (she studies Law at the uni there) and I presented her with my gifts! One of my favourite things to do is make cards for people. I have drawn/painted many before and collage is always a fun one. Plus you have probably noticed the enormous collage that are my wardrobe doors….which is ever changing.

I found this box on sale at Paperchase. It’s an Easter gift box apparently but it did the job, plus it was cheap at only £1.75! I wrapped everything in yellow tissue paper and attatched little labels on them with little accompanying notes.

I got a little bag of the best flavoured Jelly Belly’s- Chocolate pudding…plus a few other favourites. I stopped by Miss Selfridge on the way and found this bargainous bow in the sale. She is a huge fan of gossip girl and this is Blair Waldorf’s little gang all over. I know she might now wear it, but at only £1 I couldn’t resist.

I knew she had been after some of those lace leggings for ages but trouble is, both of us are so short they would never have fitted right. So I bought some lace footless tights from Asos. Though upon arrival, they are more of the fishnet variety but still workable!

Lastly, I got one of the Alphabet tees from AA! I wish they would do a ‘Ww’ one but I guess it’s not all that popular. She recently bought some high waisted denim shorts and I thought this would look awesome tucked into them. I must photograph her when she wears this combo!

I love love buying presents for people, making the cards and wrapping it all up. It’s even better when I am buying for my sister as it is very much like buying for myself! The only problem I find is sticking to a budget….

How huge does this slice look?

My mom went to the Chinese bakery and ordered this amazing Hello Kitty cake. We haven’t had one from there in a while and it was nice to buy the cake from there instead of Druckers (of course their cakes are amazing too) Chinese cakes are much lighter, less buttery and decorated with fruits (melon, kiwi, peaches etc) and have a fruit or a sweet chestnut filling. Though there is a serious amount of cream! I’m guessing the light consistency of the cake might reflect the fact that traditionally, Chinese cakes were always steamed due to the lack of ovens.

I’m off to eat more cake!