Old Photos but happy memories.

I finally got round to watching Slumdog Millionaire tonight and it is most definitely worthy of all the awards. I loved it!

I found these photos at my Grandmother’s house and they bring back happy memories. The second one was taken at her house but she is due to move out in a couple of months. The photo reminds me of happy times spent in her garden, making daisy chains and spending the summer months with my cousins who up until recently, stayed there regularly for the entire summer holidays. Don’t you love the power of old photos and the memories that they dig up?

I love the little outfits that my sister and I are wearing. I’m the older child in the two pictures. I love the sailor suit, little black bow shoes and fancy socks in the first photo. The second photo makes me smile because it is such a gorgeous sunny day. I also love the slightly curious look of my sister, who is clearly wondering what my mom is doing with the strange contraption that is the camera. Check out my sisters lace tights and me handing her (or perhaps my mom) a daisy in my awesome ruffley blouse. We were fashionable and we didn’t even know it. We were so cute…I’ve got to admit though, that that is a word I have never escaped from in all my 22 years.

I was also tagged for a blog award not too long ago by Chester at Fashion Zebra Stripes, Tina at Luphia and Sharon Rose respectively. Thank you all so much for the awards! It definitely is a nice feeling when fellow bloggers think your blog is fabulous…makes all the hours spent blogging away all the more worth it!

I’m going to go ahead and nominate a blogger for each award…
Your Blog Is fabulous: Charmaine
Proximidade: Vintage Tea
Unique & Chic: Flashes of Style