Knitted Goodies

My mom was digging around in her wardrobe looking for some old jumpers and unearthed some real knitted treasures which my sister and I coveted. My sister got most of it seeing as I had already been given the cardigan in the photo below, from my Grandma whilst I was in Hong Kong last Summer. I’ve been wearing as a coat, cinched at the waist with a belt.

I did however, get this lovely little knitted vest! My mom told me my grandma knitted it for her when my mom was pregnant with either me or Hailey. It’s a shade of brown-pink and actually, compared to all the other knitted things, this one is in absolute pristine condition. It’s like it’s never been worn!

My sister, Hailey chose this cardi which unfortunately has a few holes in and so needs to be repaired. I tried it on too and it’s super warm and it would definitely be a piece to wear instead of a coat. The craftsmanship is amazing.

The cable knit red cardigan (**sorry I meant Jumper!) was knitted for my Dad by my grandma. It’s amazingly warm and my dad found it hilarious that we were wearing his old cast offs. He insisted I send some of these photos to my aunt in Hong Kong to show my grandma who I know, will be completely over the moon. The red cardigan I am wearing was the only one knitted by my Mom! It looks amazing against my blue dress. This was when I felt slightly gutted that my mom found these while my sister was back down from Liverpool visiting…otherwise I would have snapped up that bold red cardigan long before she had set her eyes on it. I will of course, be borrowing this and the other knitted goodies a lot!

I can’t believe that my Grandma knitted all of these. They really are beautifully knitted and I really wish I could knit. Unfortunately my grandma’s eyesight is not as good anymore so she has not knitted in years and years.

Have any of you bagged any hand knitted treasures off your grandmothers?