A quick post on my day so far! I left the house early for work to allow enough time for the inevitable slow moving traffic today. The snow that had fallen yesterday was still powdery underfoot and I made sure to leave footprints in areas of untouched snow. Even if it meant going slightly out of my way to make my mark. I don’t think any of us really ever grow out of playing in the snow.

Today as the title of the post suggests was somewhat bittersweet. I have been working part time in a High street fashion store until I begin my masters in September. We were told two weeks ago that the 13 staff that had started since September would be halved and only 7 of us would be keeping our positions. The UK high street sure isn’t coping well at all in the recession. So basically, there were three of us going for the two of the positions…and I was told I was successful. Which is great but now I know that one of the girls has to go and I feel a bit guilty about it. It’s just horrible having to compete with friends…but I guess it’s just life.

When my shift was over a little retail therapy took my mind off the whole work situation.

I bought some heart shaped pearl earrings from Miss Selfridge and the Vendetta nail polish from Chanel. Chanel is quite pricy for nail polish but it is the best I have ever tried, it stays chip resistant for days. The colour is purple-black on my nails and it’s awesome.

When I arrived home, the snow was mostly slushy and wet and not at all good for snow angels or snowmen. My mom cheered me and my youngest sister up by steaming some Chinese buns and pan fried dumplings for a late lunch. There are all sorts of fillings in the buns from Char Siu (Chinese bbq pork), Pork and Vegtable, coconut and the little pink ones are lotus buns.

My mom was unable to buy the normal ones (usually uncoloured) and got these pink ones instead. These are usually bought for birthdays, especially for the elderly. These pink lotus buns are ‘peach buns’ and are coloured pink to resemble peaches which in the Chinese tradition, are the fruit of immortality. Therefore it is no surprise that the idea is that once eaten you are meant to have a longer life. I’ve had several for lunch seeing as they are so small so I must be able to live to a ripe old age then huh?

So I now have freshly painted nails, newly adorned ears and a belly full of yummy goodies and most definitely, a job to last me until I decide when to leave…and the day isn’t even over yet!

P.S. I promise I don’t just spend my days just shopping and eating…haha, it does seem like it though judging by all my food related posts!