All in the hands of an 11yr old…

The following are courtesy of my youngest sister who jumped at the chance to pick whatever she wanted in my wardrobe for me to wear. I suggested it on a boring afternoon when she was clicking away on the Stardoll website, where she has a doll that she has to dress up. It’s funny because sometimes she will point something out that I am looking at and mention how she has seen it on stardoll, questioning if something was DKNY and even that something was “very Betsey Johnson” I nearly choked on my tea. She knows more about fashion than I did at her age. All I knew about fashion back then, was that if the t-shirt with the cute glittery doggy was from tammy girl (pre-teen UK high street store) then It was amazingly cool. Anyway, who needs stardoll when she has a real live model?

There’s something about the colours that make me look like I belong in Harajuku
Dress (Hong Kong)
Cardigan (BDG@Urban Outfitters)
Necklace (Topshop)
Shoes (Topshop)
Belt (Pop Boutique)

These are my favourites…
Left-My ‘saved by the bell’ dress

Sheer Blouse(Topshop)
Dress (Vintage)
Belt (Oasis)
Shoes (KG)

Right- tartan and checks
Top (Hong Kong)
Belt (River Island)
Skirt (TopShop)
Gold Tights (John Lewis)
Shoes (Lily Allen for New Look)
Necklace (Topshop)

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as my sister did. She was giggling away at the thought that this would be an entire blog post as well as practically rolling around on the floor as she spotted me in the sumo suit several posts down. Maybe she is a budding fashion stylist who knows… I did suggest the sheer blouse (bought in the sale at Topshop) under the brightly coloured dress and it worked out so well. Definitely a versatile piece!