Turquoise highlights.

I’ve been staying away from Topshop with it’s scary, messy sale for ages. After working a manic Boxing day any sight of sale has really stopped me from setting foot into stores. So, I was surprised to find myself in the queue to buy one of those Topshop tulip vests that they seem to have in every single colour. Though I find it annoying and strange that the prices all differ depending on colour…or the ever so slight differences in cut, ranging from about £16 to £28. I don’t quite understand it either.

Turquoise Tee (TopShop)
Tulip Vest (TopShop)
Belt (vintage)
Cardi (Urban Outfitters)
Scarf (Gift-Vivienne Westwood accessories)

I ended up buying this grey one with the leopard print. I wouldn’t mind this vest in a nude colour too or anything neutral for that matter. I think there is just about enough room in my wardrobe for a few additions. It’s funny because my sister’s wardrobe is the complete opposite of mine. Little colour but lots of neutrals with the odd bit of blue or green. Hmmm, sounds like my wardrobe may need a bit of a sort out (My mother commented on this the other day) but I find it so difficult to part with clothes! I remember watching some fashion programme (probably Trinny and Susanna back in the day) and the recommendation that if you haven’t worn anything in six months, to throw it away. It’s not that easy!

But first, lets make one more addition. I am going to down to London for the weekend again for my friend’s birthday and am going to buy this holdall from Oasis….I get 40% off (no guesses now to where I spend my days) and it’s perfect for a weekend away, bags like these will no doubt come in very useful. I like the little compartment at the bottom, possibly for shoes and such. My youngest sister pointed out that it’s not much different to her lunch box which has a similar compartment at the bottom for her sandwiches! Except it’s not pink with a big hello kitty on it…