Random purchases.

As a treat to myself, I randomly splurged and bought some Japanese magazines. No I can’t read Japanese but it’s fun looking through the mags. Cutie came with a pair of gloves which was a nice surprise. Particularly as I lost two pairs within 2 weeks of each other. Which was a tad annoying at the time. In the future I may have to keep buying the same pair just in case! I also have Murakami’s ‘After Dark’ which I had meant to buy for ages and I read most of it on the train to London and back again.

Staying with all things Japanese. I have decided that I want one of those wooly berets with the big bobbly pom pom on the back. I stumbled upon the J-pop artist, Ayumi Hamasaki’s (I’m not actually a huge fan of her music) video for her single, Days and watched the video all the way through just for her bobbly hat and cute outfit. Maybe I should just make a pom pom and attatch it to my beret…hmmmm, I must add that to my list!

I am mostly in the stock room at work and unearthed these pretty beaded coasters amongst the forgotten sale items. I bought two sets, one to keep and the other to give to my friend for her birthday which is today! (Happy Birthday if you’re reading!) Though I have more than enough coasters and have some novelty 70s ones (which seem to be mostly moustachioed men in their underpants lol) but they were too pretty for me to pass on! I now have 12 coasters in my bedroom…what to do with them?

I thought I would show you the present I bought for my friend. I’ve wanted to buy Murakami’s ‘Birthday Stories’ for someone’s birthday for ages. Luckily, my friend is a fan too, so it was perfect. The coasters are a nice little addition and I saved my pennies and made her a card! I had a fantastic weekend visiting her in good old London town and will post some photos in another post. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!