Purple Parcels

I am off to meet some friends in the pub later for a good old catch up before some of them head back to Uni. Oh, how I wish I was still a student but I couldn’t have handled all the deadlines due in after Christmas. However, if things go according to plan, deadlines over holidays could be very real and I could be slumming it on a student budget once again come September. Ha, truth be told, I am not so good at being a ‘slummy’ student.

Top (Urban Outfitters)

Skirt (TopShop)
Belt (River Island)
Leggings (Topshop)

A parcel arrived from Hong Kong today. My aunts were fretting about it for ages as it didn’t arrive in time for Christmas. Though the way I look at it, it makes Christmas last a bit longer! Inside were all manner of treats. From a novelty hello kitty door knob cover (for my youngest sister, mind) to lip balm, tea leaves and this little purple cardigan. Unfortunately my camera is not of the highest quality and without flash turned everything orange. Though I quite like the unintentional sepia tone so I’m sticking with it. There is of course, one taken with flash so you can check out the colour of the cardi. It looks alright unbuttoned (as seen above) but looks quite cute buttoned with it’s novelty large button. It’s not something I would pick for myself but It’s nice and warm and it’s a real grower. I like it!

Cardi (gift-HK)
Boots (Blowfish)

Oh yes, I’ve changed the header. Change is refreshing no? I think I might miss the pink kokeshi doll header, maybe I will incorporate her again one day. Until then, she sits happily on my shelf looking down at me while I whirl away the hours on my laptop.