Happy New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I had a huge meal with family that my dad cooked up and it was like Christmas all over again. Like so many other British chinese kids in this country, my parents own a take away and so my dad’s best friend is probably a firey hot wok. Therefore he rarely makes a move in the kitchen at home and my mom usually does a lot of the cooking. So it is not suprising that in our house, if our dad does any cooking we know it is a treat. Above is a photo of the good fortune decorations we have around our house at the moment and below are the candied fruit/veg sweets that are tradition in most chinese households. I love the little red box we always have ours in.

Starting off the new year with a bit of an outfit session with more to come in the next post! Today’s outfit session started in some comfy house clothes as I’m not at work and I rediscovered my love of my bright pink lipstick. I also disovered that my bathroom is the perfect place for good lighting.

Comfy house clothes!
Sweater (American Apparel)
Treggings (Silence+Noise@Urban Outfitters)
Necklace (Miss Selfridge)
Lipstick (MAC, Hollywood Nights- Heatherette collection)

I bought this top in the Topshop sale with the idea that I would be able to incorporate it into lots of different outfits and loved the puffy sleeves. Plus, I feel likeI really need some neutrals in my wardrobe.

Messing about with my new sheer top

Sheer T-Shirt (Topshop Boutique)
Purple dress (worn as top underneath-Topshop)
Jeggings (Silence+Noise@UO)
Bow (Topshop)

I couldn’t help myself but try an outfit inspired by Luella. The colours have been haunting me lately, what with all the pastels in London but also the florals that are making their appearance in Topshop. The colours make me happy!

Inspired by Luella
Cardigan (Oasis)
Dress (MbyM)
Purple Tights (Topshop)
Belt (H&M)
Flats (Topshop)