Desserts and Piano Keys.

Last night I went to a friends for bit of a gathering and had some yummy Fajitas. The meal was a success and we even finished off with a mini chocolate fountain with lots of freshly chopped fruit. The fountain went a little crazy though and we made a bit of a mess. The result was a little arty no? Not quite Jackson Pollock I know but it was hilarious and had us all ducking for cover. My best friend managed to turn it off and ended up with a face full of chocolate.

It’s so cold at the moment and the snow that fell a few days ago has now turned into treacherous ice. It’s a miracle I didn’t slip over when I came home from work! With the arctic chill hitting the country, I’ve got to layer up. So under my Coat I layered up two blue cardigans….and then reached for my wooly hat and scarf too.

Tee (TopShop)
Teal Cardi (TopShop)
Blue Vest Cardigan (HK)
Skirt (American Apparel)
Necklaces (Graduation Pressie + Key Pendant-HK)
Tights and Space Invader socks (Topshop)

When I arrived home my mom had made dessert. It was red bean soup which is one of my favourites (along with black sesame dessert) but it’s rather sweet and I’m feeling a bit thirsty now…