Cakey Colours and Kitschy things

Last weekend I went to London for my friend’s birthday. It was such a good weekend which began with a houseparty, an attempted trip to the Roxy in central London but ended up buying pasties in the wee hours of the morning…culminating in a trip to wander down the Brick Lane markets on sunday…Most of my photos involve lots of friends in the pictures so these will have to do!

My friend lives in Chalk Farm and I navigated my way round to her house (after a few attempts at going in the wrong direction) and turned a corner to her street and actually had to stop to take it all in. Her street is so so so pretty! Complete with a street lamp at the bottom of her street which would not look too out of place in Narnia. She lives in the Pink house!

There are lots of streets complete with lots of pastel painted houses. I had to take a photo of a road I spotted, a little further down the road in Camden. To the right is a photo of my friend’s choice of Birthday cake. A giant Frency fancy which looks quite fitting next to the photos of the houses painted in all those sweetie colours like the icing. The cake was delicious!

My friend’s house recieves Turkish fanmail on occasion for Daniel Radcliffe. It was quite funny reading the letters, but worrying that some 17yr old girls really believe Daniel Radcliffe is just like Harry Potter. I wouldn’t be surprised if my friend woke up one day to a bunch of Turkish school girls standing outside waiting for dear old Daniel to appear.

On Sunday we made a quick visit to Brick Lane. I should have taken more photos but I only managed to take a few photos of some cupcakes! Which were so yummy and pretty!

The market was so busy and I spotted so many girls wearing fur jackets. I could see why, as they were sold in abundance in each vintage shop. I suppose in Birmingham, it’s probably a bit more unique as fewer girls wear them. We spent a couple hours browising the market stalls and were in and out the little boutiques on the bustling street. As most things are relatively expensive and also very busy, I only made it out with these earrings.

The handpainted Russian doll studs are so sweet and I couldn’t help but give into their charm. The other earrings were a vintage find and made from brightly coloured shell pieces. I just realised that this whole post is made up of cakey colours and kitschy things….it’s no wonder I can’t get those colours from Luella S/S 09 out of my mind.

Also I was tagged by lovely Lottie from The Pelican and Me
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3. explain the picture

This was taken on my 21st birthday. My housemate bought these sumo suits and we thought it would be quite hilarious to have a go in them and play impossible games like Twister. It was a hilarious night and the sumo suit was wider than I was tall….In this image it’s not been blown up completely, but I do love how my little gold flats are peeking out from beneath the sumo suit. I suppose you have got to do all you can to make a sumo look stylish. A few accessories here and there I think haha. That bow makes me look so young…but I must stay away from all things pie-shaped from now on.